Vote. Then open the Book.

This past Sunday, I urged our people to vote. That being said, let me state that I do not believe that the hope of America rises and falls on any election let alone this one. The government does not have, never has, and never will have, the answers we need. Our society’s great need is the Gospel of Jesus. We who believe the Gospel need to be revived by His Spirit. Jesus commanded His followers to be salt and light and to love their neighbors. Call me cynical, but I am not sure another revival is going to take place among God’s people without the the rug being pulled out from underneath the culture we Christians have accommodated ourselves to. The answer to our national ills is not in an election but in The Book. I thouht this poem was a breath of fresh air in its perspective. It does express a hunger for truth and a lucid awareness that truth is missing in our society. That is not a shocking event in a post-christian world where all is relative and the public square no longer allows a fixed point of view. Without a “true north” on the compass of one’s soul, how can anyone find their way? There is only one Absolute. “In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God, and The Word was God” (Jn. 1:1). Please vote. It is your Christian duty. But then, go home and open The Book. In it you will find our hope.


The Last Election 

Suppose there are no returns,
and the candidates, one
by one, drop off in the polls,
as the voters turn away,
each to his inner persuasion.

The frontrunners, the dark horses,
begin to look elsewhere,
and even the President admits
he has nothing new to say;
it is best to be silent now.

No more conventions, no donors,
no more hats in the ring;
no ghost-written speeches,
no promises we always knew
were never meant to be kept.

And something like the truth,
or what we knew by that name-
that for which no corporate
sponsor was ever offered-
takes hold in the public mind.

Each subdued and thoughtful
citizen closes his door, turns
off the news. He opens a book,
speaks quietly to his children,
begins to live once more.

John Haines

What if Americans opened the Book, spoke quietly to their children, and began to live — some for the first time?

Don’t just vote. It won’t be enough. Pray. And, above all, go home and open The Book.

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