Ministry Update

It has turned cold and I’m heading north. Something may be wrong with this plan but I think not. Not if things go as well as they did herein southeastern Michigan. My heart was warmed by the time spent with about twenty good friends here in Ypsilanti.

Friends who grew up together, former leaders, colleagues, classmates, teammates, co-laborers in the Lord’s work, church members… the people who have impacted, been patient with, and even suffered me as a friend. True friends who know the chaff and wheat in me and yet encourage, pray for, and stand with me.

The only failure was in not hearing their stories. They have all been faithful even though many of them have hit career walls and suffered reverses. Not hearing how God has stood with and enabled them through the years of family life, fighting serious illnesses, hitting the ground and getting back up – as a righteous man does –was my loss. My biggest disappointment was in talking too much and listening too little. Nonetheless, it was a refreshing time.

The blessing of the night was that we got to dine with Mike and Lauvonia Smith. We were honored by their presence. In the circles I grew up and from whence came my spiritual DNA, these people remain highly respected and much loved. Rightly so. As many of you know, Mike Sr. is fighting terminal cancer and after reminding us that we are all terminal, he testified of God’s sustaining grace and of his determination to live out his days glorifying God. We took time to pray for Mike, the Wesco family, for Evan. Ken Ouellette’s family and one in attendance that night with another serous medical need.

We could’ve spent hours together. As it was, we shut down the restaurant. (The staff at Haab’s was excellent and patient). We caught up as much as we could and I was so honored to see each one who came. I’m not sure any support was raised for the three “for generation four” 2019 trips but other more important things took place.

I m so grateful for each one of you who showed up and for those who would’ve been there had they been able. Thank you for the fellowship and encouragement. If we have another opportunity, we’ll take more time to hear others honor God for His sustaining grace.

Please pray as I hit the road tomorrow and head through Michigan’s U.P. over to Pembine, WI. Ask God to bless us Sunday at Faith Baptist. I’m looking forward to meeting with them at the Lord’s table. The cold weather has begun up there but I pray the fire of God will warm our hearts as we worship.

Yours for generation four, Bill

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