Happy Birthday Preacher’s Wife (a.k.a Mom)

As an “aged” PK married to a PK and who has raised four PKs, I find Andy Stanley’s words about PKs ring true:

“We see church different than anyone else. We see it from the inside out. We know that when people say they ‘felt the Spirit moving,’ it probably means the room was full and the music was good. We know that what goes on at home is the litmus test of a man or woman’s walk with God, not how well he or she does once a microphone is strapped on. We know the difference between giftedness and godliness. We know the two can be mutually exclusive. We know that the best performers usually build the biggest churches but not necessarily the healthiest ones. We aren’t impressed with moving lights, slick presentations, ‘God told me,’ ‘the Spirit led me,’ or long prayers” (from “Deep & Wide”).

Of course, the PK’s “inside out” perspective can make a cynic and rebel out of one but what a joy to have had a mom and dad who’s godliness came before giftedness and who passed the litmus test in front of their five kids sitting in the “front row.” Yesterday, was her 83rd birthday and she’s still being tested and still passing and still the Lady she has always been.

Thanks mom. God saved me but you were His earthly partner in divine rescue. I know that God can save the most cynical and does not need our help but I was spared so much because He found such help in you. Who knows, with you, I may not have been rescued at all.

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