Expecting Grace

Read this today and it blessed my heart:

“All honey would harm us; all wormwood would undo us; a composition of both is the best way to keep our souls in a healthy constitution. It is best and most for the health of the soul that the warm south wind of mercy and the cold north wind of adversity do both blow upon it. And though every wind that blows shall blow good to the saints, yet certainly their sins die most and their graces thrive best when they are under the frigid, drying, nipping north wind of calamity, as well as under the warm, nourishing south wind of mercy and prosperity.” (Thom. Brooks) Received a blast of that north air here last night. Looked out the window of my cabin and there it was — frost. That’s okay, it only reminded me of that cold air that recently made me wrap my coat around my soul a little tighter lately. A diagnosis of cancer (but a good prognosis – very treatable but, still, it is like a cold wind to the soul).

Such adversity sharpens one’s focus in an attempt to find a “way through.” It has sharpened my focus on our Savior. I preached this last Sunday (Communion) from Hebrews 2:5-18 on how Jesus was perfected through suffering in order to be our Savior. Though Satan enjoyed the affliction he stirred others to lay upon Christ, it was his undoing! For that very affliction made of Jesus the One man who could destroy Satan and his works. So, when Christ’s “hour” came, the Prince of this world was judged and found wanting! The affliction of Calvary revealed sin is a sham and that grace is the great truth.

I trust that what I must pass through will benefit God through folks saved and saints built and that it will lead to the undoing of sin in my life and an abundant harvest of grace. When Satan afflicts any child of God, our heavenly Father still delights in perfecting that child for His glory and using him to remind Satan that he is a defeated sham and that Jesus is the Lord of Lords. I pray that it shall be so in all of this. May grace triumph in my life! What a joy to be able, because of Calvary, to expect it to turn out so. (2 Cor. 12:10)

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