Phony Claims to Citizenship

Most Americans believers resist the biblical idea of being “poor in spirit.” Tim Keller describes us as more “middle class in spirit” rather than “poor in spirit.”
He writes: “On the contrary, you believe that God owes you some things—he ought to answer your prayers and to bless you for the many good things you’ve done. Even though the Bible doesn’t use the term, by inference we can say that you are ‘middle-class in spirit.’ You feel that you’ve earned a certain standing with God through your hard work. You also may believe that the success and the resources you have are primarily due to your own industry and energy.”
I must agree. We do not see ourselves as bankrupt morally or spiritually. This is the reason we do not sound authentic in the ears of the world when we claim the kingdom is ours and that we are The Kingdom’s citizens. The kingdom really does not belong to those who are “middle class in spirit,” does it? (Matt. 5:3)

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