Presently, I live and minister out of Mocksville, North Carolina. As a pastor of a great body of believers who believe they are on mission for Christ, I study, preach, teach, give vision, plan, counsel, and write. Blaise Baptist Church is sincerely endeavoring to be a caring community of Christ-like disciple.

I am married to Marcia (Dollar). She has rescued our four children from being raised by a distracted dad. They are wonderful adults living lives that make us rejoice. We’re blessed with three grandsons. Marcia loves the Lord deeply, loves history, and, being gifted by the Lord as a teacher, teaches about both with passion and knowledge. We’ve lived and ministered as a family in three states as well as in Ontario, Canada and Romania. I’ve visited and ministered in numerous countries.

Backing my Wolverines, Red Wings, Lions, and Tigers reveals my southeastern Michigan roots. My heart still jumps at the mention of Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. And what can be said about Rawsonville! Good memories.

My passion is to know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, grow in His likeness and help others to grow in His grace. My mission is to reflect God’s glory viably, visibly, and verbally in order that others might follow Jesus. It is our delight to pour ourselves into people through formal ministry and informal hospitality. Hopefully, when we leave this world we will leave some disciples of Christ behind.

My training: My father’s influence and mentoring was the most profound human influence on my life. Institutionally, I’ve attended Bob Jones University, FaithWay Baptist College of Michigan (degrees), Northland International University (DSM candidate) and taken classes through Central Baptist Seminary in Minneapolis and Calvary Baptist Seminary in Lansdale, PA. The most influential men in my life were my father, my brother, Les Ollila, Marty Von, Doug McLachlan and Gene Graham. But the most powerful training I have received has always been through my local church. Even to this day, my church is the fellowship where I grow the most and change at the the deepest level. It is the one “classroom” I need the most and for which I am most grateful.

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