A Really Good Day

An early birthday gift from family!

Today was really strange. I do not remember a Saturday like this since … well, I don’t really remember a Saturday like this. Marcia and I got up early. We headed out in the rainy chill to a warehouse sale at the Bob Timberlake Studios in Lexington.  Just the two of us. Alone. We picked out a nice table and a nice leather travel bag. (The bag is mine.) Got some help loading the table. Then we, just the two of us, headed south to check out a rumor of a fishing hole. Appears it was true and that’s a good thing.  I tracked down a good boat landing while there at High Rock Lake. A return trip is in order. It was still raining and chilly. We stopped for some good old Lexington style North Carolina Barbecue while in town. Just the two of us. Then it was back to Mocksville to check out a possible rental. Just the two of us. She spied a “great-old-house” (as she called it) next door to the one we went to look at. It had a log cabin in the back yard. She was intrigued. Of course we looked at it. And in it. (Hey, the door was open.)  Marcia loved the “great-old-house” as any restoration buff would but I reminded her that we’ve already done that once. After I grabbed a coffee from a shop on the town square, we – the two of us –  headed down the 801 and over to Cooleemee to stop by the old mill where her grandfather worked the afternoon shift for decades. Of course, that was after he worked the day shift on his farm. It was the first time in years it was open to the public. A restoration of the mil is being organized. She loved it and I loved being with her. Just the two of us. Then it was up to Cana and the now empty site of her grandma’s family farm. This was important to her and that was important to me. And that’s why it was one of the best days ever. Of course, just her and I were there to unload the table from the car when we got back. Just the two of us. My phone didn’t even ring. I take that back. It did once. I ignored it though. Today was really strange. A good strange. Just the two of us. I Loved it.

Red Pig BBQ: A “not so kosher” southern delicacy located in Jerusalem, NC

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